Can You Describe Your Work History and Experience?


Our journey is rich with over 15 years of collective design excellence, led by our visionary founder, Natalie. From humble beginnings to becoming a global brand, we’ve amassed a wealth of experience across a multitude of industries, crafting stunning designs that make a lasting impact.

Natalie’s foray into the design world began after graduating from Marymount University with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design. Her career launched at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), where she brought life to impactful campaigns and managed crucial websites such as,, and

She then made her mark at Choice Hotels International, shaping the visual identities of 13 distinguished hotel brands. These experiences laid the groundwork for Pulp, where Natalie’s creative vision continues to inspire.

Today, Pulp is far more than a one-woman show.

We’ve grown into a dynamic team of designers, strategists, and creative thinkers, all dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design excellence. Our diverse team brings talents from around the world, each of us contributing a combination of unique perspectives and expertise. This allows us to partner with a variety of clients, from emerging startups to established corporations, to tackle a wide range of projects, from web design to branding, and beyond.

Everything we undertake is a testament to our passion for creativity and our commitment to the experience of excellence and innovation as we craft innovative solutions that captivate, inspire, and resonate deeply with your audiences.