How Would You Describe Your Business Structure and Staff?


Pulp is a dynamic creative agency founded in 2016 by Natalie Rosado in Columbia, Maryland. Legally known as NMR Designs but doing business as Pulp Agency, we have grown into a vibrant global team dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions.

While Natalie’s creative vision remains at the heart of our work, Pulp's evolution has brought together a diverse group of talented professionals who contribute to our collective success and the client experience.

Natalie Rosado leads our team as the founder and creative director, ensuring every project we undertake is infused with her signature passion and expertise. She is your primary point of contact, guiding the creative process and ensuring seamless communication throughout your journey with us.

Our Team

  • Creative Fulfillment: We have assembled a team of skilled designers who work together to bring your projects to life. This collaborative approach ensures that we can deliver high-quality work on time, even for projects with tight deadlines.

  • Administrative Support: Our dedicated support staff handles administrative tasks, allowing Natalie and the creative team to focus on what they do best—crafting compelling designs and nurturing client relationships. This structure ensures efficiency and keeps our creative energy flowing freely.

  • Specialized Consultants: We leverage a network of trusted external consultants, for projects that require specialized expertise beyond our in-house capabilities such as advanced development or nuanced copywriting. These partnerships enable us to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring every aspect is executed seamlessly.