How Do You Manage Projects for New Clients? Is It Different for Existing Clients?



When new clients partner with Pulp, we start by diving deep into your world. Our discovery phase is all about understanding your company or organization inside and out.

We'll explore your unique challenges and clarify your ultimate goals through an engaging kickoff meeting. Working continually to learn the nuances that can help shape your project's success.


We know that great outcomes come from strong collaboration. That's why we believe in harnessing the collective wisdom and creativity of our team and yours.

Regular engagement is key—we seek your feedback on concepts and draft designs early and often. By sharing our work-in-progress, we ensure we’re heading in the right direction from the start, making adjustments quickly to keep us on track. Not only does this speed up the creative process but it also saves costs by catching issues before major overhauls are required.

Together, we shape the future of your brand, one innovative idea at a time.

Ongoing Support

For ongoing projects, we ask clients to submit new requests through This allows our team to gather all the necessary details upfront to dive straight into the next steps for your brand. It also keeps us aligned with your timelines, ensuring that deadlines are met without a hitch.

After all, your journey with Pulp is one of continuous collaboration and seamless support, designed to bring your vision to life with efficiency and flair.